From Marbella to the Port of Puerto Banus, the Golden Mile, as its name suggests is home to some of the most prestigious properties on the Costa del Sol. Being close to both the centre of Puerto Banus as well as Marbella, it makes the Golden Mile one of the most vibrant areas on the Costa del Sol as well. The areas surrounding the Golden Mile are full of country clubs, golf courses, excellent beaches, shops, restaurants and a very good night life. So if you want to experience the most glamorous part of the coast a holiday near to the Goldenmile will be the perfect place to be and of course within easy reach from our properties.

You can be at the beach strolling on the Maritimo walkway where you can either enjoy the beach cafes, the Hotels or the beaches. You can walk or jog along the extensive walkway, which stretches for miles. The walkway is also ideal for cycling and you can walk to Puerto Banus in 20 minutes. With the unrivalled sporting and shopping facilities close by, not to mention the beaches and numerous restaurants and cafes, the Pueblo is in a superb location offering all of the amenities of the stylish resorts of Marbella and Puerto Banus, only minutes away.

Marbella is a luxurious town which has something for everyone, it is a favorite with the rich and famous, and is loved by the more ordinary folk who are willing to pay a little bit extra. Marbella has an air of individuality that can be best appreciated by exploring back streets in the old part of town. One of the prettiest places is Orange Square’ which is located just off the main street in the older district. Orange Square, or "La Plaza de los Naranjos", as it is called in Spanish, has plenty of bars and bistros and is a hub of activity day and night. And, depending on the time of year, the colors here can be vibrant, with the trees and exotic tropical plants set against a backdrop of dazzling white buildings and a deep blue sky. The nightlife is always buzzing here with alfresco bars, piano bars and discos that are open from dusk until dawn.